Aquagold Microchannel Technology is a bespoke and supercharged micro-infusion facial that blends personalised ingredients to target your personal cosmetic desires, whilst feeding and nourishing your skin.

Dr Emma can delicately address your skin concerns using the non-invasive technique of micro needling that works with your body’s healing mechanisms for natural and long-lasting effects.

Aquagold fine touch, affectionately known as the Golden Cocktail Facial by Hollywood’s elite, is a luxury gold-plated needle system that painlessly delivers a personalised blend of effective ingredients into the skin via 20 hair-fine micro-channels.

What happens at consultation?

Dr Emma will select the relevant ingredients based on your personalised concerns and skin’s requirements. Each needle is thinner than a human hair and, once the bespoke cocktail is administered, both skin quality and structure is improved whilst, at a deeper level, cell regeneration is enhanced.

Aquagold can address fine lines and wrinkles

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