‘Liquid nose job’ – correction without surgery

The nose is the most prominent feature of our face, particularly when in profile, and imperfections can impact on our confidence.

Dermal fillers now offer a safe and effective non-surgical alternative to rhinoplasty (or a nose job, as it is more commonly known), correcting appearance without the need for surgery.

Dr Emma can also smooth out minor defects, lumps and bumps, disguise nasal deformities and correct asymmetries, depressions and contour irregularities using the latest generation of dermal fillers.

How many treatments will I require?

Depending on the complaint, normally only one treatment suffices, but there should be a consultation appointment and a review appointment. However, if the nose requires a lot of augmenting, this may need to be done over several visits to avoid potential complications.

Is there any downtime?

If performed by a correctly trained practitioner, using a product with a high safety profile, there should be no downtime. With these treatments, there is minimal (if any) swelling and there should be no bruising. However, there can be exceptions and people react differently.

How long does it last?

It lasts anywhere from 12-24 months but we are having some results over three years.

What feedback have you had from clients?

Dr Emma has received excellent feedback from our patients who have received a liquid nose job, with many pleasantly surprised how improvement can be made with just a few small injections that take only minutes to perform. 

Treatments are normally provided with just topical anaesthetic, so there is no need to have a general anaesthetic, which means you can drive or walk away from treatment enjoying your appearance, as there is very minimal downtime. Treatment can be perfected over a period of time if the patient wishes.

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